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1947 Gretsch Broadkaster Kit w/ Gladstone Snare

It’s fairly certain that you’ll never see a kit like this again in your lifetime. A complete Broadkaster kit in classic sizes, in a beautifully aged Midnight Blue Pearl finish (MBP), great condition all around, and even a matching snare drum in the design pioneered by famed drummer and drum maker Billy Gladstone. Yes, it’s pricey, but it’s truly one-of-a-kind, and the seller is taking offers.

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1950s WFL Super Classic Kit

WFL drums are like magic. You hit them and the tone just speaks to you. Who knows what the vibe comes from, the shell makeup, the chrome-over-brass (COB) hoops, the aging process these drums went through to get to us today, but whatever it is, there’s nothing quite like it.

This is one of the nicer and more complete WFL kits to come around in a while. Definitely a nice price!

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1960s K. Zildjian Istanbul 20″ Cymbal

Holy moly. Check the link for this right away. Go right to the sound file. Then pull out your wallet and start coming up with justifications!

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1950s Slingerland Radio King Kit

This is a simply gorgeous Radio King kit that has only improved with age; check out that beautiful darkened Black Diamond Pearl (BDP). I can vouch that this seller is particularly trust-worthy, so you know you’re getting top-quality goods here. This is being offered at a price you may never see again for a Radio King kit this clean and in solid condition. Definitely a premium price for a Slingerland, but I think it’s justified in this case.

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1960s Slingerland Stage Band Drumset

This is a sweet kit! Slingerland drums tend to sell relatively cheaply, which makes them a great value since they often sound wonderful. The Stage Band series was Slingerland’s offering in the single-center-lug category, competing with Ludwig’s Club Dates, Gretsch’s Playboys, Rogers’ Towers, Camco’s Tuxedos, etc. Many in-the-know drummers believe the Stage Bands were some of the best-sounding drums made by Slingerland. It’s strange to see a 13″ tom with a 14″ floor tom, but I can’t imagine that would be a deal breaker for anyone, especially at this price!

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1960s Ludwig Pioneer Snare Drum

I really, really like Pioneers. Their minimal 6 lugs setup gives them a very lively, very vintage tone. I enjoy them even more than the more expensive, more commonly lauded Jazz Festival model due to their character-filled nature. This particular drum is a gorgeous specimen, just look at that beautiful SBP (sky blue pearl) finish, totally drool worthy!

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1970s Valje Congas and Bongos

In the annals of music history, Valje congas and bongos hold a special place. Many percussionists believe they’re the finest ever made. Tom Flores handmade these beauties in his shop on Sunset Blvd. in L.A., and they’re certainly worth the fairly high price tag.

I personally know this seller, and I can vouch for both his good taste and trustworthiness!

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