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1950s Ludwig Trans Badge Snare

April 14, 2013

A beautiful, beautiful snare from the short period between when William F. Ludwig regained the use of the Ludwig name (instead of the “WFL” brand he had been using) and when he started using the quintessential one-tone keystone badges. Note that blue glass is a different finish than blue sparkle, and a bit more rare. This snare looks very clean indeed, and would make a nice addition to any studio drummer’s arsenal.

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  1. Looks great! It reminds me of my old blue slingerland set that my parents bought for me used, about 25 years ago. Ill have to post about it.. I’m not sure when they were made but maybe you could tell?

    • I bet that set was awesome. Yes, let me know when you post about it, I probably could indeed give you some info about them!

      • I’m working on a post about them and would like your input before it’s published. I don’t see any contact info so can you email me at I’ll provide you with some pictures. I’ll also quote you and provide a link to your blog in my article if you would like. Thanks!

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